Comau + FINITURE (case083)

Finiture S.r.l., an Italian manufacturer of painting systems for windows, doors, chairs and solid furniture, continues the evolution of the painting robot called RAS.

Finiture chose Comau NJ-16-3.1 Robots!

FINITURE's approach


There are today many RAS robots installed throughout Europe (and outside EMEA region also) which perfectly paint all types of internal and external doors and windows, from the simplest to the more complex.

Thanks to the innovative WINPAINT software, considerable savings in terms of preparation time and processing are available now .

At this stage, door painting looks to be the most receptive market for this application.


The WINPAINT software elaborates the data detected from the scanner to process the axis movement program of the RAS robot in real time, without any operator intervention!


For more complex shapes, the scanner can be equipped with laser sensors to automatically recognize every detail of the piece to be painted.

The robot can be equipped with different types of spraying equipment to adapt to various types of paints, whether they are tints, primers or finishes. "Supervision" systems allow centralized control of the system's functional status, being able to program pre-established sequences of operating programs, such as automatic paint changes.

Finiture supplies complete "turnkey" systems entirely designed, built, installed and tested by itself.

All robotic systems installed by Finiture are connected by remote assistance for a quick and efficient after-sales service.



360 ° assistance

Finiture's assistance service professionals are available to provide on-site help. To guarantee a timely service, Finiture also offers remote assistance. The service is provided in four languages: Italian, English, German and French.



About RAS robots


RAS (IEEE Robotics Automation Spray) strives to advance innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in robotics and automation.


Robotics focuses on systems incorporating sensors and actuators that operate autonomously or semi-autonomously in cooperation with humans. Robotics research emphasizes intelligence and adaptability to cope with unstructured environments.


Automation research emphasizes efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, focusing on systems that operate autonomously, often in structured environments over extended periods, and on the explicit structuring of such environments.


Specialists in finishing plants for windows, doors, chairs, furniture, turnery, CLT panels and special elements in wood and other materials.

Finiture Srl is a company specialized in the production and installation of finishing plants specifically developed to meet the customer’s needs. Founded by Marco Sedino in the ‘50s as Mizar, Finiture is now managed by Giovanni Sedino, who brought together a group of collaborators specialized in the field. Multiple skills allow the management of production, which implies the commitment of expert designers, technicians and carpenters in the development of each project from scratch. Its mission: to develop innovative technological solutions meeting the customers’ production needs, accompanying them step by step in the autonomous use of their plant.

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