Comau + IAAD (case104)

25th November 2019 was the Kick-off day of a new collaboration between IAAD and Comau!

It was a success and students were more than happy to celebrate their participation!

Our company is made of people and their creativity:

2 colleagues from Marketing Department spontaneously edited a video introduction for the IADD students, to enthusiastically launch this project. Comau decided to credit their individual initiative.

Our approach

To design a "skin" for tomorrow's robots: this is the mission of the educational project launched by Comau in late 2019, involving 20 young designers from Product design department IAAD.




The students from IAAD worked on the project until the end of February. 

Divided into 6 groups, they explored and developed new ways to create a sensory skin for Comau robots to enable them to collaborate with human operators. The project provided a stimulating exchange of creativity and know-how, and gave participants a chance to demonstrate their ability to rethink and redesign Comau's advanced technologies. It was also a great opportunity for the students to discover for themselves what steps and competencies are needed to develop the design of a new product in the industrial automation field.

The projects that the various groups worked on, ranging from creative concepts to possible applications in the industry, were presented on February 5, 2020 at  Comau's Head of Marketing, Maurizio Cremonini, accompanied by the project's managers, Davide Negri Coordinator of the IAAD's Product design department, and Francesco Ciniello from the Style & Design team of Comau Robotics and Automation Products. The most interesting ideas will inspire the experimental development of new Comau technologies and the advancement of new collaborative solutions for Comau's robot family.

Attention to the style and versatility of its technologies, backed up by continuous R&D work, is one of the fundamental characteristics of Comau and, particularly, the "Style & Design" team, which was established in 2012 within the Robotics & Automation Products business unit.

"A product's efficiency and functionality are partly determined by the care taken over its shape and appearance. This is why creative spirit and engineering know-how always need to go hand in hand", explains Francesco Ciniello, Head of Style & Design. "Developing an industrial machine or robot means applying design to technology, and combining a high technical performance with effectiveness and pleasing lines".








At Comau, innovation always stems from a creative approach and a willingness to experiment with new technological concepts following or driving market trends. Since 2013, this is how many new Comau products began, including the TP 5; Racer 7 and Racer 5 robots; the Rebel SCARA; the LHYTE hybrid laser machine; the AURA cobot; the Amico humanoid robot concept; the e.DO small, modular, open source robotic arm for educational purposes

About Comau

Comau is a leading company in the industrial automation field, at a global level. Combining innovative engineering solutions with easy to use, open automation and enabling technologies, Comau helps companies of all sizes - and across a wide range of industrial segments - leverage the full potential of digital manufacturing. Comau’s competency stems from over 45 years of field proven-experience and a strong presence within every major industrial country.

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