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The combination of an automatic rewinding machine and a Comau Racer-7-1.4 robot has allowed United Converting, a company based in Tuscany, to provide an internationally important client with a faster and more efficient system for the industrial production of toilet paper rolls

Our approach

The United Converting system winds a thin layer of paper around a rigid core, forming logs of a predetermined length and diameter which are then processed depending on the final product to be made. With Comau Racer-7-1.4, the system integrator could fully automate every phase of the working cycle of the plant, consequently maximizing its speed and efficiency and simplifying its use at the same time.

“In order to increase the line efficiency for a factory located in Singapore, we combined our automated system, the S70 Industrial line, with an articulated Comau robot which could perform specific operations that were usually performed by hand.

Many years ago, the client had patented the production of a special tissue paper roll to be used exclusively on their devices. Therefore, unlike standard products, the rolls to be manufactured are composed of two internal half cores, which were previously hand made by an operator. As a result of the project, which was developed together with the client, these operations can now be controlled mechanically by our system and the support of a handling application executed by the Comau Racer-7-1.4 robot.”

Key factors


Racer-7-1.4, which is positioned at 45° above the other machine, quickly and accurately handles the spindles on which the paper roll is wound, then it loads them on the robot and takes them to the laminator


Robot handles the spindle by means of a specific tool we designed, a small clamp mounted on the wrist which allows it to perform the mechanical operation required to cut the core. In this way, we went from needing three operators to work near the machine on multiple shifts, to a single operator who performs control operations over the production cycle, but can safely engage in other tasks at the same time


Designed by Comau to ensure a 7kg payload (extendable up to 10 kg) with a limited excursion of axis 5 to handle extremely fast pick&place applications, Racer-7-1.4 is now the fastest robot in its category


United Converting was founded in 2004 with the aim to develop and manufacture equipment for the tissue converting industry. The requirement to start a company able to satisfy the needs of a globalised market was created from the growing demand of machinery and services being able to meet modern production requirements.. The mission of United Converting is to supply a complete service, from the design and development of new machinery, to the upgrade and optimization of existing lines through paper manufacture & processing that ultimately increases the final value of the products. Despite still being a young company, United Converting have successfully built and installed a good number of converting lines with a first class application of the latest technologies, United Converting has been able to develop new converting systems that are now patented worldwide. As well as the services listed above,using the extensive experience of its technicians is able to supply an extremely customized engineering service, using the latest technologies available on the market and is able to respond to unique requests for product customisation to enable the tissue converter to achieve exact and innovative product specifications. United Converting ability to remain extremely flexible in terms of machine customisation has, over the years, become one of its best values. This allows it to satisfy customer’s requests and also to develop know-how in every part of the tissue converting industry. United Converting is focused on a constant increase in the relationship of Supplier-to-Customer. Its discipline of work is “Listen and Respond” and it believe that this has helped to successfully win a number of tenders worldwide.

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