Comau + MSR SRL (case099)

Thanks to close collaboration with Siemens, the NJ-40 Comau robots can finally be integrated in the CNC systems: using Sinumerik Run MyRobot/Direct Control

MSR said:

We have been using Siemens CNC solutions in our projects for some time,” MSR's founder and Managing Director, Rosario Ferrari explains, “and have been closely following developments in performance and functionality, and evaluating possible new opportunities. One opportunity presented itself as a result of our close partnership with Comau for the robotics. We were quick to appreciate Comau's strengths, particularly their ability to control their robot directly from our machine tool's controller.”


This interesting possibility led the Brescian company to become one of the first in Italy to integrate the 6-axis kinematics of Comau robots into Siemens CNC systems using Sinumerik Run MyRobot/Direct Control technology. This important achievement brought with it numerous direct and indirect benefits and advantages.


Compared to the third party robotic solutions currently in use,” Loris Unterhauser of MSR's Engineering Department points out, “this synergy simplifies the application and saves space, since no electric control panel, for example, is needed. Even more important is the ability to write robot part handling programs in the same language as part machining programs. This means that machine operators no longer have to call in an expert in robotics to complete the programming process, as usually happens.”




High-added-value technological synergy:

simpler synchronisation of machine tool and robot MEANS easier optimisation of machine tool work processes.


These results have been made possible by a highly qualified and dynamic team at MSR, which is engaged daily in satisfying the needs of the most demanding areas of industry, including, in addition to the petrochemical sector and the successful application described above, the automotive sector (and the production of various components) and precision hydraulic fittings.



improved precision and dynamic performance by using a single controller


more compact hardware dimensions


simpler spare parts management


greater reliability and radically simpler startup and engineering activities


no need for a separate robot controller and unified engineering


complete range of CNC functions available to the robot


economic failure state monitoring and integration of internal assistance and maintenance processes


MSR was formed in 2015 but boasts extensive competence. Inspired by the twenty years of experience of its founder, Rosario Ferrari, the company's working methods have always been based on the acquisition of a specific understanding of customers' production requirements as a means to develop machines capable of significantly reducing tooling up and machining times.

MSR has its headquarters in Travagliato, Brescia, and is staffed by a dynamic, young and close-knit team with the expertise and competence needed to ensure maximum flexibility and the customisation of machines in all phases of development, from design to supplier coordination, assembly, software development, testing, installation at the customer's works and through to assistance and maintenance.

MSR's technology focuses on chip removal during drilling, turning and milling operations, the machining of all types of steel, including super-alloys and special alloys that are notoriously difficult to work, and working with parts up to around 300 cubic mm in size, both fixed and rotating. Specific experience in the field of transfer systems for metal machining allows MSR to construct machining centres with automatic part transfer between multiple stations, capable of simultaneous machining with different tools. The company's machine tools are unique and simply do not exist in standard versions.

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