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Regarding mechanical machining, the activities are carried out on bar lathes, work centers and transfer lines. The latter are highly flexible, in order to handle small production batches. In fact, Newform is able to set-up the transfer machine up to three times a day. Likewise, the eight work centers, although less productive, are widely used and can reach three shifts a day in the most intense periods. “The work is concentrated in the turnery department,” continues Mr. Galvan, “so we had to equip ourselves with advanced automation solutions, in particular with articulated Comau robots. I should also mention that we were the first in the world to shape faucets on the lathe. We have numerous lathes which can work bars up to 3 mm in length and diameters from 5 to 80 mm. Our suppliers customized these machines according to the type of products to be processed.”

Our approach

Comau and automation according to Newform

“We have always paid careful attention to the possibility of introducing automation into our production plants, in order to keep up with technological evolution,” says Mr. Galvan. “I think that our approach to automation is a bit different from that of other companies. What I mean is that our main necessity is not to gain competitiveness in the markets – which is very important all the same – but to employ the high level of expertise of our staff toward more qualified and professionally motivating tasks. We prefer to free our operators from those activities that can be carried out by machines, which can even result in better performance in terms of constant quality and cycle times. Finally, this choice is well-suited to the new model of Industry 4.0.”



NEWFORM SPA Exclusivity, innovation and quality, together with attention to detail, are the hallmarks of the research for Newform. A story that passes through time, swinging between the past and the future. Newform is a guarantee of brand awareness and it is enhanced by a broader philosophy, identifying a real lifestyle able to give a touch of class and modernity to the bathrom and the kitchen. Research is the cornerstone of the great success of the company: the design conceived as the foundation of the product, the finest materials used and the eco-friendly technology create a top quality product, sophisticated and practical. The application of new technologies and the desire to express a touch of personal character make water available in new forms. That’s the philosophy adopted by Newform, with the aim to offer a product able to meet the needs of contemporary time, in a ritual approach to the bathroom and kitchen spaces. Newform offers a wide range of items, from faucets to ceramics, besides design oriented accessories that give a touch of style to the bathroom. The good design of the company allows you to create a unique and complete room for beauty lovers. Newform is also wellness. The brand focuses on all those who love taking care of themselves and giving moments of gratification, proposing them exclusive products: the Wellness collections, to feel lost in a wonderful sensorial experience. The company invites to be unveiled and lived, giving the opportunity to get into its unique 'world' reserved only for those who are fascinated by aesthetics and innovation.


The bar lathes are supplied by one robot each for the unloading of the processed parts and for the operations to which these are to be subjected later. In particular, they are not electronically integrated with the robots, whose work cycle starts near the area where the components are unloaded; these are detected by the robot by means of suitable sensors.


The robot performs operations such as washing the components in water to remove production waste, blowing away liquid residues or smaller solid particles and palletizing the components inside metal containers.


The compact articulated robot Racer-7, with its high performance in terms of speed, precision and footprint, is particularly suitable for applications requiring reduced operating space: assembling, handling, machine tooling, packaging and more. Designed for a payload of 7 kg, the robot can carry up to 10 kg with a limited excursion of the axis 5, for high-speed Pick & Place tasks. It has also proved to be the fastest in its category under certain conditions.

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Comau is a leading company in the industrial automation field, at a global level. Combining innovative engineering solutions with easy to use, open automation and enabling technologies, Comau helps companies of all sizes - and across a wide range of industrial segments - leverage the full potential of digital manufacturing. Comau’s competency stems from over 45 years of field proven-experience and a strong presence within every major industrial country.

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